02 Mar 14 at 4 am

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I know you wont even read this so it doesn’t matter what I say any more, does it. I am less than half a person, because I don’t think I was much of anything to start out with, at least not when I lost you. I had already lost you, I know that. we had lost each other. that doest matter any more i guess, who lost whom. its not important, because nothing matters when you’re not in my life. everything loses all its meaning, and i go from one moment to the next, holding back the sadness that comes crashing through if i don’t build walls around it out of steel and hate and anger. it feels like im floating, or drowning. maybe they feel similar, i don’t know. maybe its falling.

my throat is so tight, i speak in whispers, and drift up staircases, wondering how i got into the room im standing in, and what the hell im doing there. why did i go into the kitchen. how long have i been standing here. how many smokes did i just have, must have been a few because my fingers are cold and its dark outside. was it light out before? i don’t sleep during the day as much, so when i see blue skies, i inevitably feel the hope that sun and the promise of spring entail. i wish i could make an eternal winter, so everyone would constantly have to feel cold, and not hopeful, just apathetic to the warmth. knowing it may or may not come back, ever, and not caring either way. 

none of this matters. 
nothing matters to me when i have no hope. your presence, the light you gave off, the glow i felt being near you. my world without that is a world i don’t want to live in. 
06 Feb 14 at 6 am

Afghanistan’s Girl Skaters – The most inspiring group of young women I’ve seen since Pussy Riot. These girls grind it, and their joy is palpable.

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I really hope DC gets hundreds of submissions for the Harley Quinn thing that are all just Kate Kane and Maggie Sawyer getting married.


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A promo Video for the upcoming film Communist Mummies From Mars.“Communist Mummies from Mars”, which is to be filmed by our group of Humber College film production students this autumn, is a comical and satirical take on old-fashioned, low-budget monster movies of the 1940’s and 50’s. Fallow the links below to learn more, donate and help make this film come to the big screen! As well make sure to like us on tumbler, facebook!

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Do you believe in magic? Twisted, dark humor? Sweet revenge? Or maybe just a few hopeful kids with a dream?

My theatre company, The Pell-Mell Players, are trying to put on a punk-rock production of Shakespeare’s “Richard III”, the doomed, deformed warrior King.

We are searching for support wherever we can find it - when you live in a small town, it’s tough enough as it is to muster up support for our DIY-drama.

Thus, I am reaching out - reaching out to you, for love, support - even some magic, if you can spare some - to try and bring our interpretation of Richard into the light.

Thank you, loving friends and kind strangers alike, for taking the time to read this, and hopefully watch our earnest plea. Adieu, for now, weird ones.

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